Toronto-based Aerial Drone Photography & Videography Services

Dronetif is a Toronto-based drone company that provides aerial drone photography & videography services. Our drone services are used by clients across Canada and the United States.



My Story

Frank Vanderhope (Owner/Founder)

I come from a family of lawyers and professional mainstream media photographers. For a number of years, I studied and practice law with a particular focus on data security and privacy, using drones and photography in my spare time as a hobby and output for my own artistic creativity. I first started learning about drones through, the world's premier drone store, which I founded in late 2015. The idea of also offering professional aerial drone photography and videography services was the logical and natural next step that combined passion and profession. Never have I ever enjoyed more working with clients to help them bring their vision to reality.

Get in touch to learn more about my vision and consulting approach, and how Dronetif can help you reach your goals.

Aerial Photography Drone Toronto
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Dronetif Aerial Productions

88 Isabella Street

Toronto, ON (Canada)



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